Jodhpur – The Blue City

An oasis of civilisation in the centre of Rajasthan’s Thar Desert, Jodhpur is the glorious Blue City; a whimsical maze of medieval streets and ornate architectural flourishes, all awash with the most enchanting shade of blue.

My love affair with Jodhpur is actually one of the inspirations behind TIPI’s first collection. Its pastiche of painted buildings in its remote desert setting, sparked the design in TIPI’s exclusive Indian rosewood deck chairs and director chairs.

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Dominated by the Mehrangarh Fort but characterised by its azure buildings, Jodhpur is overflowing with Indian traditions, like a window to the soul of ancient Rajasthan. Its incense-scented streets, overflowing with bazaars and filled with hustlers, pedlars and mesmerised outsiders, are home to the most welcoming of people. Proud of their Brahmin heritage, the people of Jodhpur continue to paint their homes blue, partly for tradition and partly for its apparent insect-repelling qualities.

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In-keeping with its vibrant atmosphere, Jodhpur is a treasure trove of unique textiles and furniture. A kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, akin to the stunning saris worn by women here, make for great inspiration for interiors. Uplifting hues of yellow, green, orange, red and of course, that opulent powder blue, spill out onto the streets and capture the true culture of India.

Jodhpur is truly a city of rustic beauty, surrounded by the brilliant blue skies and starkly beautiful golden sand of the Thar Desert.

If you’re heading over to India or even if it’s on your bucket list, check out the travel tips that I’ve put together on the Blue City below:



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