Bone Inlay – Looking after it

After you get your special bone inlay piece home, it is worth noting how to care for it.

Due to the delicate nature of bone inlay, the best piece of advice is to keep your bone inlay piece out of direct sunlight (this may cause it to yellow a little) or get exposed to too much water (as the bone pieces may lift or become loose).

To clean bone inlay, the general rule of thumb is to simply wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

Whilst it may be very tempting to use a product on your inlay, my advice would be to refrain from doing so. The resin that is used to fill the bone inlay piece (it is the colour that surrounds the bone) is extremely sensitive.

There are however various recommendations from interior professionals about products that have been used before – If you decide to take on this recommendation, please use with caution as there is a high chance that the product could react negatively with the resin and cause discolouring. Each bone inlay piece is different which of course is the beauty of it, however this means that each piece will behave slightly differently too.

Grout sealant – You can buy this from some hardware stores. If used, it is generally only required on bone inlay furniture that is in a high traffic area and gets handled regularly.

Wax – You can use a tiny amount of furniture wax to ensure that the resin doesn’t continue to dry out and crack further.

Coconut Oil – You can use this on the darker colours (dark grey and black only) to add moisture and prevent cracking.

If you come across any other tips and / or have tried something not noted here, please let me know – would love to hear!

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Incorporating Bone Inlay at Home

There are so many ways in which you can style bone inlay in a sophisticated way in your home.

TIPI has just launched a custom bone inlay page – so that if you see something you like in a magazine / online / whilst you’re travelling, contact TIPI and we can get you a quote to produce it from scratch.


Create an office oasis in your room

Have a bone inlay chest of drawers in a master bedroom

Add a subtle touch of palacial beauty amongst your classics